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Agoura Hills Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts

First impressions are so important! We tend to make immediate decisions about people and businesses based completely on first impressions. What does this have to do with tile and grout? Plenty!

Let us explain: If you visit your new neighbors for the first time and notice that they have dirty tile and grout, how does that make you feel about them? Or, if you have a dinner date at a restaurant that has blackened grout on the dining room floor, do you think that you might return? At this point, you haven’t even tried the food, and you have doubts about this place.

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What about your tile and grout floors and counter-tops? What impressions are they giving people? Are they clean and fresh looking? Does your grout still show it’s original color?

Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning Experts offers exceptional quality, affordable tile and grout cleaning for local area residential and commercial customers. Our friendly, and very experienced grout technicians have the training and equipment necessary to get your tile and grout the cleanest it has been since it was first installed.

Q: Why is cleaning my grout so difficult? It seems the harder I scrub, the blacker it gets!

A: The problem isn’t you. If “elbow grease” worked, then there would not be as much of a problem as there is. The problem is the porous nature of grout and the lack of a good sealant.

Grout is made of a very porous substance. On it’s own, grout absorbs spills, germs, detergents, grime, dirt, soaps and much more. Whether you scrub your grout with a toothbrush, or a steel brush, all it does is grind the top layer of cleanser, deeper into the pores. The reason that your grout is absorbing so much is that the original sealant has worn off, or was never applied in the first place.

Call Now: (818) 851-0843

Q: So what does Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning Experts do to get my tile and grout clean again?

A: Our tile and grout technicians use state of the art cleaning methods and equipment to get your tile and grout showroom clean. We utilize eco-friendly cleansers and our own specialized cleaning skills to get your grout lines as clean and fresh as they were when new. We then re-seal your grout lines to protect them. This re-sealing adds years of low maintenance care to them. Before we leave your property, we show you, easy ways to keep your grout lines clean and bright, so that you can make professional cleanings a far distant thing.

Q: What if my grout is starting to come out? How does your company clean that?

A: We don’t. We will simply re-grout your lines, and seal the new grout for you.

Q: Why is my tile so easy to clean?

A: Your ceramic tile is already sealed with the glaze that covers it. This makes cleaning a breeze. Your grout will be too, once it is re-sealed by our expert team.

There you have it – the end of your blackened grout worries. Call Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning Experts, and have us come out to your residential or commercial location. One treatment can save you money for years to come, so why wait? Start making good first impressions and give us a call!

Call Now: (818) 851-0843